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Jiaxing Rongxiang Weaving Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2000,with independent rights of import and export.Our company is a modern private...
2008 established the Pinnacle ...
Company in 2008, Asia"s largest fabric distributing center in Shaoxing, set up a Pinnacle
Pinnacle spray organizations to become high-qualit...
Trade area covering Europe, America, South Africa,...
Factory Tel:+86-573-83745982
Trade Tel:+86-512-63561882
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Factory Add:Xiuzhou Longquan enriching Wangjiangjing repression Development  Tel:+86-573-83745982  Fax:+86-573-83745328 
Trade Add:Shengze East market foreign trade business district No. 7, West Building  Tel:+86-512-63561882  Fax:+86-512-63560016
International Trade ADD:26th,Floor fortune center,jinkeqiao road,keqiao,shaoxing Tel:+86-575-81182365//7/8  Fax:+86-575-84132022
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